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National Vision, Inc. empowers National Vision-affilated ODs to plan and deliver much-needed eye care and eye wear across the country. Our company has a program that delivers backpacks full of vouchers to schools and provides eye health education to students in need who are identified by school nurses. Get in touch with your regional manager to discuss your interests and ideas on helping out the communities where you live and work. 

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Thank you for joining us in our passion to bring solutions to the optically underserved around the globe.  National Vision, Inc. is proud to support a variety of initiatives to that address the issue of refractive error correction in developing countries. We partner with any number of NGO’s and philanthropic organizations to help weave the fabric of a solution to this significant global issue.  In order for us to better assist you, please complete the information below and submit the form.  We are more than happy to supply a package of 300 Readers, and 100 Sunglasses to your mission at no charge.  If you have a large mission that requires greater support, we can discuss that with you after you submit your form.  If you are part of a VOSH or SVOSH group we have a limited number of handheld autorefractors that we loan out when they are available.  In any case, thanks for your commitment to addressing this problem and enhancing lives.

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The first 300 readers and 100 sunglasses will be provided at no cost. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for processing and delivery for all mission requests.

* You will receive your handheld autorefractor 1-2 weeks before you depart for your mission trip and must send the handheld autorefractor back to National Vision the week you return. This is to ensure that NVI is able to maximize accommodation of requests.

In return for the items NVI donates/loans to your trip, we request that you share stories, photos and data (# of patients seen, # of glasses distributed, etc.) with us upon your return.

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