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20/20 Quest

20/20 Quest is a National Vision, Inc. sponsored charitable foundation chartered for the purpose of providing screenings, eye exams, eyeglasses and refractive error solutions to the optically underserved in both the United States and the developing world. 20/20 Quest has impacted approximately 11,500,000 people in over 60 countries by partnering with organizations and individuals, both domestically and around the world. Our Frames for the World division has helped more than 700,000 individuals receive glasses – made possible through frame donations from both frame manufacturers and optical chains.

The Global Issue:  We strive to both create new solutions to the global problem of uncorrected vision problems, as well as partner with existing organizations to address that need, particularly concentrating on refractive error solutions with eyeglasses. While estimates vary, it is clear that there are hundreds of millions of people on the planet that simply need a pair of eyeglasses to achieve good vision. In many cases these are people with lifelong refractive error issues, while many others with previous good vision lose visual acuity due to Presbyopia (near vision loss beginning at middle age). The two issues require different approaches and 20/20 Quest is committed to addressing both as aggressively as possible.

Help Today

Your generosity will help more people receive the help they need. To donate, send a check made out to 20/20 Quest to:

Kristen Reynolds
National Vision, Inc.
2435 Commerce Avenue
Building 2200
Duluth, GA 30096


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