Frames for the World

Frames for the World, Inc.

The Frames for the World division of 20/20 Quest was created in September of 2010. This 501c3 non-profit organization allows for individuals and companies to make a tax deductible charitable contribution of new eyeglass frames for distribution either internationally, domestically, or both.  

Through these donations we are able to distribute eyeglasses to qualified non-profit eye hospitals in the developing world. Without these donations, many of the recipients would not be able to afford the eyeglasses needed to correct their vision. We are proud to be a part of bringing the gift of sight to those who are unable to afford basic eye care.

Although supportive of all forms of assistance, it is our belief that on a cost, clinical, and recipient acceptance level, new eyeglass frames represent a much better solution than donated used spectacles.

Our Story: National Vision, Inc. has been committed to developing programs to bring access to affordable eyeglasses to people in need around the world.  After meeting with several non-profit eye hospitals in Latin America, an overwhelming need for affordable eye care was recognized.

During those meetings, hospital employees explained that procuring inexpensive but quality eyeglass frames was one of the biggest obstacles. If eyeglass frames could be donated, they could manufacture the lenses at the correct prescription strength. When this discussion was relayed at the January 2010 Vision Council Summit, several manufacturing companies volunteered to donate new eyeglass frames.

Upon learning the news, the employees of the non-profit hospitals in Latin America were excited about the possibility. National Vision, Inc. saw the need for an intermediary in the process to manage the donations while also ensuring the frames were going to those of the greatest need. Frames For The World was born to meet those needs.

Mission: To donate new eyeglass frames to organizations throughout the world who provide eyeglasses to those in need.

Vision: A world where everyone has the opportunity to see.

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