Vision Care of Arizona, P.C.

Vision Care of Arizona is an independent optometric practice with multiple offices located throughout the state of Arizona. It has offices located inside Eyeglass World and Vision Center inside Walmart retail stores.

Mailynn Pham, O.D.

President, Vision Care of Arizona, P.C.

Mailynn Pham, O.D.

Mailynn Pham, O.D. brings more than 11 years of optometry experience to her role as the President of Vision Care of Arizona, P.C. She oversees the practice’s multiple offices across the state, also acting as Area Doctor for the optometrists operating under her.

In her role, Dr. Pham promotes and facilitates consistent, efficient and appropriate clinical primary eye care. She acts as a liaison between doctors and patients and prides herself on providing clinical guidance, individual mentorship and comprehensive support to her fellow doctors.

Dr. Pham began her education at the University of California, Berkeley, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular and Cell Biology. She then earned her Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree at Illinois College of Optometry. She currently resides in Arizona with her husband, daughter and twin stepdaughters. In her free time, Dr. Pham enjoys traveling both internationally and domestically, going on road trips and camping.

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