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    Career Pathways

    Happy Colleagues

    One of the aspects of joining a Practice affiliated with National Vision that makes our network stand apart, is the set of unique opportunities for optometrists who wish to do more in addition to their clinical role. The positions include Area Doctor, Clinical Advisory Panel Member and Ambassador. All of these opportunities provide doctors the chance to become more familiar with the day to day operations of their office, become more acquainted with colleagues, develop their network, and strengthen leadership skills. Following are the specifics for each career path that you have access to through your practice once you become a National Vision affiliated doctor of optometry!

    Area Doctors 

    Area Doctors have a very important role as they are leaders amongst their peers who create a strong network across the country, and serve as a liaison between the office and retail support center. The role of the Area Doctor is to promote and facilitate consistent, efficient and appropriate clinical primary eye care by our doctors. When a doctor is hired, they are assigned an Area Doctor from their Practice; it's important that doctors are immediately welcomed with a mentor who can offer help with joining a new practice, answer any questions and offer advice. Area Doctors lead our Onboarding Program, which is unique to us in the industry. They spend three days with each new hire ensuring they are familiar with the office setting and comfortable with the patient flow and equipment. In addition, our Area Doctors help with the review process by conducting peer reviews, auditing charts and observing doctors performing eye exams; this ensures that doctors in our network are always performing to a high standard.

    Clinical Advisory Panel Member

    In order to deliver the best possible care and services to patients and to ensure that we’re in the forefront of the latest technology and information available, Clinical Panel doctors evaluate all products, examination equipment and clinical operating procedures that might ultimately be introduced into our offices. This gives doctors in our network the opportunity to grow their leadership experience and have an impact on the experience offered to patients in their practice. The Clinical Panel is comprised of 10 doctors throughout our organization. These optometrists are selected through an application process and rotate annually.

    2019 Panel Members

    Alicia Pecco, OD - Pennsylvania 

    Elizabeth Czirr, OD - Tennessee

    Jeff Foster, OD - Texas

    Rima Patel, OD - Ohio

    John Perez, OD - Utah

    Cynthia Collins, OD - South Carolina

    Vijal Shah, OD - Georgia

    Margaret Harrington, OD - Florida

    Kristin Werkmeister, OD - Indiana


    Dr . Grace M. Kim 2


    Grace Kim OD, Maryland

    "Optometry is about people. As a primary health care team, what we do can directly and immediately impact patient's lives in their visual world. Being able to positively affect their quality of life is empowering and rewarding."



    The Ambassadors Program focuses on building trust, mentoring and educating both current students at optometry schools across the country, as well as licensed ODs who may be unfamiliar with our practices. The program focuses on spreading awareness of what it’s truly like being an optometrist affiliated with National Vision, through personal interactions at events, and sharing views and experiences via blogs and social media. Our Ambassadors are leaders in the field, proud of the work they are doing, and serve as a voice of National Vision to their peers. These optometrists are selected through an application process and rotate annually.


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