Externship Experience at America’s Best Helps Student Find Her Optometric Home

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Image of Angelika Pacholek

For Angelika Pacholek, OD, an externship with America's Best proved to be her favorite learning experience — and turned into a career she loves.

In this interview, Dr. Pacholek describes how her mentor at America's Best helped her gain the experience and preparation she needed to succeed in the early stages of her career, and how her decision to practice in a newly-opened America's Best gave her the opportunity to grow as a professional while making a difference in her patients' lives.

“At America’s Best, I was expected to be a doctor only. At some sites, I was expected to be a technician and doctor or even only fill the role of technician if the doctor I was working with was backed up. At America’s Best, I could focus more on the patient and gain the experience I needed. Because of that, I feel like I was more prepared.” - Dr. Pacholek
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