Woman using machine to look in patients eyes

A Collaborative Framework for Vision Care

Our approach to eye care is distinguished by a multi-tiered support structure that fosters innovation and excellence long before a patient steps foot in the exam room. It’s driven by the right mix of clinical and administrative resources, all unified by the goal of providing the highest tier of affordable and accessible care.

Synergetic Support

Seamless collaboration across the offices of National Vision, independent practices and retail stores

Cutting-edge Care

Clinical leadership stays on the cusp of the latest and greatest tools and methods

End-to-end Model

From appointment scheduling to crafting frames, we facilitate the full patient experience

Woman smiling reviewing an image with a patient

The Power of Primary Care Optometry

Network-affiliated optometrists are in a league of their own when it comes to delivering comprehensive primary eye care. Every exam is thorough, allowing doctors to spot potential problems early for the benefit of patients’ overall health.

Person looking through lense

Advancing the Optical Field

You can always find us at the forefront of change and innovation in optometry. It’s how we maintain the strength of our network—keeping optometrists clinically inspired and fulfilling our promise to patients to provide the best care possible.

Relentless Pursuit of What’s Best

“As a long-time leader in the optometry community, we have a responsibility to uncover even better ways to facilitate exams, spot problems early and expand the accessibility of eye care. Exploring avenues such as remote care and more effective technology directly ties into growing our clinical and retail footprint. Not only does this innovative spirit generate more value for the patients and customers who walk through our doors, but it also offers opportunities to expand the business in new, unexpected ways.”

–Reade Fahs, Chief Executive Officer