Patient sitting with doctor looking through optometrist machinery

We’re On to What’s Next

Our standard is to push past what’s already standard. National Vision promotes innovation at every level of the business. Within this culture, corporate and clinical leadership teams partner to identify, test and evaluate cutting-edge ways to make eye care and eyewear more affordable, accessible and valuable.

Remote Care: Increasing Access to Eye Care

Remote care technology allows eye exams to be provided to more people, especially those who live in areas without easy access to an optometrist. Watch how National Vision is using remote eye exams to connect patients to care.

overhead view of laboratory

Strategic Partnerships to Tap into New Technology

We’re invested in safely accelerating the development of technologies that leverage artificial intelligence to learn more from retinal images. Through collaboration with Toku Inc., a leader in applying AI-powered diagnostic and screening tools to retinal imaging, and TopCon Healthcare, a leading provider of medical devices and software solutions for the global eye care community, we’re funding exploration that could change the way doctors evaluate the eyes to uncover serious underlying health conditions.