Sustainable Choices in Eyewear

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National Vision continues to pursue opportunities to expand sustainable eyewear offerings that can soften our impact on the globe. We know that access to sustainable eyewear options is increasingly important to our customers, so we’re proud to enhance our offerings with materials we can all feel good about.

Recently, we worked with CooperVision, through their partnership with Plastic Bank, to offer 100% net plastic neutral contact lens lines: Natural Eyes HydraWear and Sofmed breathables.

Simply put, for every Natural Eyes HydraWear or Sofmed contact lens sold, the manufacturer, CooperVision, purchases a credit from Plastic Bank to collect and convert an equal amount of plastic through their global network.

That includes everything that goes into the contacts—the lenses, blisters, cartons, and even the ink printed on the boxes.

This year, we also welcomed the Green Love frames collection to our stores.

Green Love Artboard.jpg

Our Green Love frames collection uses Eastman Acetate Renew, which is a cellulose diacetate composed of 60% biobased and 40% certified recycled content — this material is produced using carbon renewal technologies to recycle complex plastic wastes that would otherwise go to landfills.

Eastman Acetate Renew looks and feels exactly like regular acetate, providing a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Visit a store across our brands or view online options at America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses and Eyeglass World.

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