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Passion for Our Planet

We continuously evaluate our operations to ensure we’re achieving efficiency across our stores and labs — because it’s the right thing to do for our business, the planet and society.

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Increasing Sustainable Options

As part of our ongoing effort to provide more sustainable products that don’t compromise on quality, we launched the Green Love frames collection in early 2023. Green Love frames uses Eastman Acetate Renew, which is composed of 60% biobased and 40% certified recycled content. The material used to make Green Love frames is produced using carbon renewal technologies that recycle complex plastic waste. You can find Green Love frames online and in America’s Best and Eyeglass World stores.

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Environmentally Conscious Decision Making

We are committed to understanding and addressing the environmental impacts associated with our operational footprint. As a low-cost provider of eye care and eyewear, we are dedicated to keeping our operating costs low. As socially responsible corporate citizens, we strive to make decisions that are environmentally aware. Whether in our stores or our labs, we operate with energy efficiency and resource conservation in mind, and we leverage technology to accelerate this transformation.

Advanced Lab Operations

The efficiency and scale of National Vision’s labs enables us to deliver affordable, accessible eye care and eyewear across the nation. As we continually invest in enhanced technology to advance these systems, we are mindful of our environmental performance and strive to incorporate solutions that increase efficiency, reduce waste and enhance safety.

Explore Our Labs

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Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint Through Action

Our approach to keeping our impact on the environment low is supported by company protocols, third-party data and thorough assessments.

Upholding high facility environmental standards

Each of our locations, even in leased spaces, adhere to a strict set of environmental standards. These not only help us conserve resources and reduce costs, but also improve the customer experience and provide safe workspaces for associates and doctors practicing in our locations.

Understanding climate-related issues

In 2022, we completed a review of business activities aligned to Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations to formalize our understanding and disclosure of the most important climate-related issues that might affect our business. Our strategy is focused on measuring and managing energy use, water use and waste production.

Assessing and monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Since 2020, we've completed annual GHG inventories to understand our energy use and emissions outputs across our operations. We’re using the results of these assessments to identify appropriate key performance indicators for our environmental impact and drive improvements in our energy efficiency.