Environmentally Conscious Decision Making

We are committed to understanding and addressing the environmental impacts associated with our operational footprint. With the objective of being a low-cost provider of eye care and eyewear, we are dedicated to keeping our operating costs low. As socially responsible corporate citizens, we proactively look for opportunities to make decisions that are both low-cost and environmentally aware. When building new stores, refurbishing existing locations, selecting materials for stores and our labs, and setting up our offices, we operate with energy efficiency and resource conservation in mind.

Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint Through Action

Our approach to keeping our impact on the environment low is supported by company protocols, third-party data and thorough assessments.

Upholding high facility environmental standards

Each of our locations, even in leased spaces, adhere to a strict set of environmental standards. These not only help us conserve resources and reduce costs, but also improve the customer experience and provide safe workspaces for associates and doctors practicing in our locations.

Facility assessments

In 2020, we worked with a third party to assess the environmental attributes of a prototypical store design for our America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses and Eyeglass World brands. The outcome validated what we are doing well in terms of sustainability and provided us with a set of recommendations for additional consideration.

Assessing and monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Between 2020 and 2021, we conducted our first full GHG emissions inventory to understand energy and emissions outputs across our operations. We’re using the results of the assessment to identify appropriate key performance indicators for our environmental impact and build a plan to drive improvement.