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Join more than 1 million individuals choosing to impact the global vision crisis — your donation helps people see better to live better.

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20/20 Quest, Our Foundation

20/20 Quest, a National Vision sponsored charitable foundation, was chartered for the purpose of providing screenings, eye exams, eyeglasses and refractive error solutions to the optically underserved in both the United States and the developing world.

Since its inception in 2010, the foundation has helped people all over the world receive glasses — made possible through frame and lens donations from manufacturers, optical chains and individuals like you.

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Together, 20/20 Quest and National Vision donated more than $3.5 million in 2022 — impacting more than 1.2 million lives.

An estimated 1.1 billion people around the world live with preventable or correctible vision loss. Vision loss limits people’s ability to excel in their education, earning potential and self-confidence, and a lack of access to eye care is correlated to broader structural disparities, including race and gender.

By helping overcome barriers to access and affordability, 20/20 Quest helps people see better to live better.

Our Philanthropic Mission

20/20 Quest is driven by compassion and a commitment to expanding access to the life-changing gift of clear sight for those in need. Through collaborations with local, national and global organizations, we provide essential services and create solutions that address the world’s vision crisis.

Together, we are empowering individuals and communities worldwide to break race, gender, and socioeconomic barriers through programs and initiatives to provide access to equitable vision care. We strive to make vision care accessible to everyone.

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Through our philanthropic efforts, we’re investing in a better future for everyone. Read up on the latest news and stories about what we’re doing to help.