Crystal Clear Eye Associates of Florida, P.A.

Crystal Clear Eye Associates is an independent medical practice with multiple offices located throughout the state of Florida. It has offices located next to America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses retail stores.

Richard E. Naids, M.D.

President, Crystal Clear Eye Associates of Florida, P.A.

Richard E. Naids, M.D.

Richard E. Naids, M.D. is the President of Crystal Clear Eye Associates of Florida, P.A. where he oversees multiple offices in Florida. Personally, he has been in practice in the Philadelphia area for the past 25 years and is a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

As President, Dr. Naids sets the standard for patient care. His clinical and optical leadership allows him to be a mentor as he continues to educate and assist the next generation of optometrists.

In his personal practice, Dr. Naids’ areas of expertise include cataract and lens implant surgery as well as comprehensive ophthalmology. Dr. Naids has also authored several research articles and holds a U.S. patent for the first tapeless post-operative eye shield.

Dr. Naids was raised in Bucks County, PA and attended La Salle University. He completed his medical education at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. His medical internship was performed at Abington Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania and his residency in Ophthalmology was at Temple University Hospital where he was Chief Resident in his last year.

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