Growth Opportunities Outside of the Exam Lane

One of the aspects of joining a Practice affiliated with National Vision that makes our network stand out is the set of unique opportunities for ODs who wish to do more in addition to their clinical role. These positions include Area Doctor, Clinical Advisory Panel Member, Ambassador, Regional Clinical Director and Regional Director. Selected doctors have the ability to make a broader impact, become more familiar with the day-to-day operations of their office, develop their network and strengthen leadership skills.

Area Doctor

Area Doctors serve a very important role as they are leaders amongst their peers who create a strong network across the country, and serve as a liaison between the Practice and the National Vision Clinical Services and Administration team. The role of the Area Doctor is to promote and facilitate consistent, efficient and appropriate clinical primary eye care by doctors within their practice. When a doctor joins the practice, they are assigned an Area Doctor who immediately welcomes them, answers questions and provides best practices and advice throughout the OD’s tenure.

Area Doctors lead the Onboarding Program, a program that is unique in the industry. They spend three days with each new doctor ensuring they are familiar with the office setting and comfortable with the patient flow and equipment. In addition, Area Doctors conduct peer reviews, audit charts and observe doctors performing eye exams; this ensures that doctors in the National Vision Doctor of Optometry network are always performing to a high standard.

Clinical Advisory Panel Member

In order to deliver the best possible care and services to patients and to ensure that our network is at the forefront of the latest technology and information available, Clinical Panel doctors evaluate all products, examination equipment and clinical operating procedures that might ultimately be introduced into offices within our network. This gives doctors the opportunity to grow their leadership experience and have an impact on the experience offered to all patients in their practice - not just those in their exam chair. The Clinical Panel is composed of 10 doctors who are selected through an application process and rotate annually.


The Ambassador Program focuses on spreading awareness of what it’s truly like practicing at an office within the National Vision Doctor of Optometry network. Participating ODs share their personal experiences and views through social media, personal interactions at events and video testimonials. Ambassadors are leaders in the optometry field, proud of the work they are doing, and serve as a representative of their Practice and the network. These 10 optometrists are selected through an application process and rotate annually.

Regional Clinical Director

Regional Clinical Directors are critical to the success of the Practices affiliated with our network, as their primary focus is on doctor satisfaction. This role is a full-time position that requires doctors to step away from their clinical role in the Practice seeing patients. Regional Clinical Directors work closely with and provide support to Area Doctors, ensuring all ODs within their area have an optimal practice experience. This position focuses on creating environments where ODs want to spend their careers and works with Clinical Leadership to build programs that have lasting positive impacts on both doctors and patients.

Regional Director

The position of Regional Director is unlike our other career pathways. This highly coveted opportunity is for those who are interested in exploring a career outside of the exam lane. Regional Directors recruit optometrists and optometry students for open positions available within the Doctor of Optometry network. This position is responsible for finding, interviewing, assessing qualifications of candidates, and presenting them to the Practice for hiring decisions.