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Build Your Own Business with Support from National Vision

Sublease holders in National Vision locations have the opportunity to develop their own practice while benefiting from the support of one of the largest optical retailers in the country. With sublease arrangements, we offer many of the tools you need to run a practice that upholds the highest optometry standards, allowing for a low-investment, turnkey office space with fantastic personal income potential.*

Benefits of Being a Sublease Holder

The sublease business model is designed to give you the flexibility that comes with running your own practice without a big investment. We provide sublease holders with turnkey office space outfitted with advanced pre-test and exam room equipment to eliminate most upfront costs. Your office will be located next to or inside one of our retail brand locations, giving you and your patients access to our optical retail products and one of the most efficient and effective lab networks in the industry for quick turnaround of materials.

The association with a respected and established retailer also helps you build your patient base, as the retailer’s marketing efforts gain exposure for your practice. Plus, we provide regular office refreshes with new equipment, new frames and new designers to keep you ahead of the curve. All of this support helps you fill your patient schedule and build your optometric business, while enjoying the traditional perks that come with being a business owner. You’ll set your personal hours sans any on-call or late evening requirements, hire your own staff and train your team the way you want.

Support for Growth

We’re committed to supporting the clinical and professional growth of sublease holders. Included in your sublease agreement is the opportunity to obtain up to 22 hours COPE-approved CE annually at the National Vision Continuing Education Symposium. As a sublease holder, you’ll also have opportunities to expand your business to include additional offices and markets by becoming a multi-unit sublease holder, further increasing your income potential.*

Other Modes of Practice

We’ve built our Doctor of Optometry network to accommodate a variety of practice environments and structures. Beyond being able to become a sublease holder, you also have the option to explore traditional employment. Optometrists employed by National Vision benefit from competitive salaries with monthly bonus potential, a comprehensive benefits package and ample paid time off, without the administrative responsibilities that come with being a business owner. The independent practices affiliated with the network may also offer similar benefits. This allows you to focus solely on patient care.

Sublease Opportunities

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*Information presented on this website is intended to be for informational purposes only. National Vision, Inc. is not presenting you with a business opportunity. National Vision, Inc. also does not make any assurance, representation, promise, or guarantee regarding future earnings or income, or that you will make any specific amount of money, or any money at all, or that you will not lose money.